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Kitchen Film Production produces corporate films, product films, documentaries, music videos and acts as a production partner for international productions. 


We have specialized in producing tailor-made film content that conveys maximum emotion, information and authenticity. We believe viewers want to experience and identify with authentic stories. 

We take a lot of time for research and try to advise our clients in such a way that the film production creates a strong identity and message and supports marketing effectively.

For the production process, we draw on our broad network of professionals filmmakers back. Each and every one of this network shares our passion and brings many years of valuable experience to film production.

Kitchen Film Production was founded in 2010 by Thorsten Eichhorst and Tim Meier. The production team is workingfrom its offices in Berlin and Stockholm for national and international customers.  Below we have some of these clients listed.

A selection of our clients:

Office Berlin

Heinrich-Roller-Str. 25

D-10405 Berlin

Telephone: +49 172 313 87 64

Office Stockholm

Ljusterögatan 3
S-11642 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 70 338 0 330


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